SOFTWARE - Air Pollution

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Air Pollution

  Air Pollution Modeling Environment (APoME) is a technology-enhanced learning environment that was designed to help high school students understand that air quality is the results of complex interactions among air pollutants, topographic effects, and meteorological variables. This learning environment (Air Pollution Modeling Environment, APoME) contains a computer-based modeling tool and five learning lessons.

The modeling tool includes four modes: Build , Test, Apply , and Case. The Build mode allows students to identify variables that influence air pollutant dispersion and to establish relationships among variables.? Students then could move to the Test mode to control and manipulate variables, use simulations to predict the concentration of air pollutant (SO2), and visualize the results.? The Apply mode helps students manipulate multiple variables at the same time and visualize how the pollutant concentration changes within 48 hours.? Specific cases are provided in the Case mode that support students to apply their models and concepts learned to explain different cases.? The dispersion model behind all of the simulations is a professional model, AERMOD, that allows students to simulate the flow of air pollution in the atmosphere and to estimate the concentration of air pollutant.