Mobile Learning in Water Quality

Water airpollution season rainbow

 This inquiry-based learning unit focuses on environmental issues and concepts about water quality, and incorporates mobile learning devices (i.e. PDA and sensors) to support students’ interactions with their environment. This unit engages students in situated learning and aims at improving students’ conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills and attitudes toward science.

This unit was designed for junior and senior high school students. It helps students develop scientific concepts and inquiry abilities through exploring ideas and concepts about water quality.? The unit is consisted of two major parts: (1) developing basic conceptions and inquiry abilities (Week 1 to Week 4); (2) conducting investigations about water quality (Week 5 to Week 9). The two parts gradually engage students in scientific inquiry and help them strengthen their understanding and competence. Following is the list of weekly topics and content:

1.Week one: Introducing the unit
2.Week two: Water temperature and pH value
3.Week three: Calibration of instruments and campus tour
4.Week four: Dissolved oxygen
5.Week five: Generating ideas and planning an investigation project
6.Week six: Searching for resources and writing a project proposal
7.Week seven: Collecting water quality data
8.Week eight: Collecting and analyzing data
9.Week nine: Analyzing data and writing a report
10.Week ten: Presenting and sharing results

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